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the blinds


We make traditional roman blinds with a modern twist – a high-performance thermal core with a unique magnetic edge seal. They are made to measure to fit your windows snugly and substantially reduce heat loss & remove down-draughts from single glazed windows. They are particularly suited to Listed Buildings and traditional sash windows.

Inner layers are a 7mm ‘Thinsulate’ core (a highly insulating synthetic fabric), with two layers of aluminium faced Mylar (‘space blanket’ material as developed by NASA) either side. They have a traditional poly cotton lining and a linen effect polyester fabric to the room side. Other fabrics here. Initial estimates suggest that they achieve a U-Value of 1.8 – 2.0W/sq.m˚C with a single glazed window.  See the photo page and for technical performance details see the performance page where you can download the test report.


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