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Leaflet & sample packs available


I’ve been asked many times for a brochure & have finally prepared a simple leaflet which you can DOWNLOAD HERE (or see the image below) – its just a single A4 sheet with some images from the Retrofit projects and a small amount of information. If you want the full (large file) technical report you can download it HERE and if you’d like fitting instructions they are available HERE. Typical fixing details can be downloaded HERE.

I’ve also made up some sample packs, so if you’d like to see fabric & component swatches or know someone who might like a pack just email me on

A4 flyer

Typical fixing details for blinds

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  1. 06/12/2011 10:11 am

    I have just started hunting for a product such as you manufacture. Even in John Lewis the staff hadn’t a clue. Well done you on an excellent website which tells those of us, who are moderately technically minded, who want the real low-down on ways of keeping precious heat in, just what your solutions are. The climate here in the north demands sensible solutions. We live in a cat. A building so triple glazing etc is not permissible, anyway can’t afford it. I will make measurements and contact you. Thank you for providing answers and such a super hi-tech product.


  1. Fabric colours « thermalblind

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