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What a busy end-of-2012!


As October drew to a close the emails picked up & it took a potential customer to explain why. “I expect you’ve been busy since the Sunday Times article?”, they suggested. Erm…. well it rather passed me by to be truthful! But the evidence was there to see, the website hits shot up so it was time to check it out.

I have no idea how she heard about the thermal blinds but Julia Kendell (DIY SOS) wrote about them in October 2011 here & it appears that the paper likes to look at preparing your home for winter each autumn, so there it was, another reference in a national paper, how fabulous! Journalist Lucy Denyer wrote the piece entitled “Top insulating tips. How to keep warm this winter – and cut your bills”. Our thermal blinds were one of ten ideas suggested.

thermal blinds

Thermal blinds “will reduce heat loss” according to the Sunday Times

The upshot of all the interest was a welcome rise in orders and almost a full house in the colours we’ve now supplied to customers – pink is the only one never ordered! (though the terracotta hasn’t yet been made up for our own house since its recent re-release).

Here is the impact on the blog.

Blog statistics jump

Blog statistics jump

You can see the colour range here, and you’ll be pleased to know that the 100th thermal blind delivered was RED!

Edge detail showing corner loop & brass chain

Edge detail showing corner loop & brass chain

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