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red thermal blind

Red thermal blind – this is the framed sample for Ecobuild

thermal blind & chain

Thermal blind showing details in ‘Oyster’ colour

Thermal Blind

Thermal blind in retrofit project, Lothrop Street

thermal blind edge

Edge detail of the thermal blinds in ‘Spice’ colour

sample blind, lowered

sample blind raised

standard track

standard track (NB very short sample)

deluxe track

Deluxe track

thermal blind

Thermal blind in ‘Oyster’ with Deluxe headrail

blind detail

Detailing on a ‘Caramel’ blind

workshop blind

‘Caramel’ blind in the workshop

thermal blind sample

Sample showing hidden magnets & loose ones as supplied, just peel & stick


Magnets painted to match frame

bottom corner with magnets

bottom corner with magnets on blind showing how you locate them

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  1. gaynor grainger permalink
    24/10/2011 4:46 pm

    Very interested. Can these be fitted to velux type windows?
    (actually Wickes) as well as traditional windows please

  2. 27/10/2011 10:24 am

    Hi Gaynor, I’ve tried to make a roller blind but this wasn’t successful. For a Velux you could have a flat ‘plate’ of the fabric with magnets around the edge but this would have to be completely unclipped when you wanted daylight, so not really very practical I’m afraid.

  3. Julia H permalink
    15/01/2012 5:27 pm

    Hi, just wondered if these blinds are washable at all, I am potentially interested in one for our kitchen which has a big expanse of glass but obviously grease etc can build up and I will want to be able to freshen it up periodically. Thanks!

  4. 15/01/2012 8:35 pm

    Hi Julia, I wouldn’t recommend putting them in a washing machine (partly as you’d have to take a lot of components apart first) but they are made from a really robust polyester (I can send you samples) which is pretty scrubbable. I have a spray cleaner that I’ve used for some fabrics which is effective but in a kitchen I’d recommend spraying the blinds with fabric protector (eg. scotchguard) before hanging them for extra protection.

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