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“Heavy lined curtains are a tried and tested way to keep in heat, but there are more effective options. “A clever solution is thermal blinds,” says Julia Kendell, an interior designer and TV presenter ( She recommends a new product by the designer Katy Duke. Her thermal blinds lock onto the frame with magnets and are made with materials used in skiwear. The panels … are as effective as triple glazing, Duke says.”

Julia Kendell [Sunday Times, 23rd Oct 2011] – article here

Just to say we love our new blind – it looks great, keeps the room much warmer and from my point of view, the best thing about it is that it is completely blocked out all light, including our neighbour’s security light! So total success! Rachel A.

… the blinds have now been put up and all is well. We are very pleased with the heavy duty winders which make raising and lowering the blinds a real breeze and don’t put so much stress on the chain. We would also like to order a blind for our dining room window (with heavy duty winder). Adam V.

I managed to get to the boat on Friday … tested the blind in position over the kitchen window (its the only one without curtains and a rail to hinder the positioning), which worked perfectly with the configuration you have made. Narrowboat owner, Tony G.

All the blinds we have so far are all fitted, all right size and looking great!! … I am just getting ready to put the next order together now and will send over for quote shortly. Steve M.

I am dead chuffed with the first one – think they will be really great. Pamela D.

I ordered a blind from you last year. It is great, really well made – thanks. I would like to get some more blinds for the rest of my flat. Lorna H.

A quick note to say that the blinds are installed and look great. David G.

The blind arrived yesterday and having put it up now we’re very pleased with how it looks. We would definitely like to order two more blinds so I will be in touch shortly to confirm sizing details once we have decided which colours we would like to go for. Richard D.

thermal blind

Rachel A. thermal blind

thermal blind

David G. thermal blind

Thermal Blind

David G. thermal blind

thermal blind

Lorna H. thermal blind down

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